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The Bahamas - Interesting facts about country and people

If you want to know more about the country, people, history, culture, money, Junkanoo and many more interesting facts about The Bahamas, then look at the various sites in this section.

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Bahamian Money

Bahamas Banknotes and Coins
The currency of the Bahamas is the Bahamian Dollar which is held equivalent to the US Dollar.

Coins come mostly in 1, 5, 10 and 25-cent pieces. Banknotes come mostly in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Dollar notes.

However, US Dollars are widely accepted throughout the country on a one-to-one basis, so there is no need to change the US Dollar before visiting the Bahamas.

Credit cards are accepted at most large stores, restaurants and resorts in Nassau and Grand Bahama, but somewhat less often in the Out Islands. For travellers to the Out Islands it is recommended to bring more cash than usual.


Economy and political system

The Meaning of the Bahamian Flag

Bahamas flag

The black triangle on the left represents the unity and determination of the people of The Bahamas.

The three stripes symbolizes areas of natural resource: two aquamarine stripes represents the sea and the golden stripe the land.

The country is a economically and politically stable country. It is one of the most developed countries in the Caribbean region.

Tourism and the banking and finance industry are playing the most important roles in the economy.

Since the independence from Britain in 1973, the country is a stable democracy. The country is a member of the Commonwealth.

Learn more about the economy and the political system of the country...

Bahamian Fauna and Flora

Bahamian National Bird
The islands have a rich fauna on land but particularly in the surrounding sea and the flora is tropical with lot's of trees, shrubs, mangroves and palms.

The national bird is the Flamingo (see picture), the national fish is the blue marlin, the national flower is the yellow elder and the national tree is the lignum vitae or tree of life.

Learn more about the Bahamian environment, its native animals in land and sea and the various species of plants...

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Historical facts

Columbus and the Lucayans
Read up on the history of the Bahamas...

The settlement of man on the islands does not begin with Christopher Columbus in the year 1492, but with the Lucayans, Amerindians who inhabited most of the islands longer than 500 years before. Discover stories about pirates and times as a British colony and follow us until the days of Independence in the year 1973.


Bahamian Culture

Bahamian Junkanoo

Junkanoo music is the most popular in the Bahamas. It is associated with Junkanoo, a type of street carnival which occurs on Boxing Day (December 26) and New Year's Day (January 1). The original Junkanoo is the strongest remaining African tradition in the Bahamas. Learn and see more pictures of the Bahamian Junkanoo...
What is a typical Bahamian? What are the ingredients of their culture? What music do they like? What is Junkanoo? What are their beliefs?

Learn more about the culture of The Bahamas, about music, Junkanoo, the people, their religion and beliefs, about arts and crafts and much more.

The Bahamas has also a People-to-People program sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism which is designed to bring visitors and locals together for cultural exchange. The Ministry of Tourism personnel match local volunteers and visitors according to age, interest and occupations. The visitors usually meet with locals in the evening or on weekends. Visitors do not live with local volunteers.

A highlight of the program is the tea party at Government house every last Friday in the month. Attending guest are greeted by the spouse of the Governor.

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