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Entry Requirements for The Bahamas

Visa requirements to enter The Bahamas is depending on the country of residence or citizenship.

What do Canadian Citizen or Residents need to travel to the Bahamas?

    Canadian Citizen need to following documents for visits up to 21 days:

  • A passport or
  • An official original birth certificate or a court-certified copy or
  • Original naturalization/ citizenship certificate or a court-certified copy

Visitors which want to stay longer than 3 months need a visa.

What do US Citizens or Residents need to travel to the Bahamas?

    According to the new regulations US citizens need the following documents:

  • A passport or
  • A passport card or
  • A WHI compliant document

US residents need their national passport and in addition the Green Card for visits up to 30 days.

US residents can stay up to 8 months before they need a visa.

What do Citizens from other countries need to travel to the Bahamas?

There is no visa requirements for citizens of the most European and Caribbean countries for visits up to 3 months.

A detailed list of the requirements for the various countries is available on the Ministry of Foreign Affair web page. It is also possible to download the visa form.

Customs and Immigration requirements

In order to enter into the country every visitor needs to pass Immigration and Customs.

Every visitor needs to fill out a immigration form before entering the country. The lower portion of the form needs to be kept until departing.

In addition, an oral baggage declaration is required. All personal effects of the traveler are not subject to duties. Purchases up to a value of 100 $ per person is permitted by all arriving passengers. A limit supply of alcohol and cigarettes is also permitted without paying any duties.

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