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Cat Island in the Bahamas

Cat Island, The Hermitage
Cat Islands in the Bahamas lies about 130 miles southeast of Nassau and in close neighborhood to San Salvador, another Bahamas Out Islands.

Slender Cat island is about 50 miles long and boot shaped, with high cliffs and dense forest. The main villages include New Bight, Arthur's Town and Port Howe.

This Bahamas Out Island is filled with living history, including The Hermitage, the final resting place of father Jerome, semi-ruined, vine-covered mansions and crumbling remnants of slave villages, which are perfect for exploring.

Sir Sidney Poitier is a famous local; he left Cat island as a youth before becoming a famed movie actor and director.

There are several possibilities to fly to Cat island from Nassau with Cat Island Air, Bahamasair or Southern Air. They fly to New Bight in the southern part of the island or to Arthur's Town in the north. Lynx Air and Gulfstream fly into New Bight from Ft Lauderdale in Florida.

There is also a mailboat service from Nassau to Cat Island twice a week which takes 12-14 hours.

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Cat Island, Bahamas
Cat Island in the Bahamas is a quit island with about 2000 residents. The islanders fish, farm and life a peaceful day-to-day existence.

There are some small hotels, villas and resorts mainly around Arthur's Town in the north and New Bight and Port Howe in the south. A peaceful and relaxing vacation is guaranteed.

A nice island tour by car can start in the north at Arthur's Town. This small village is the boyhood home of famous actor Sidney Poitier. The village offers some stores, restaurants and two beach resorts and is close to one of the main airports of the island.

Further south is Bennett's Harbour, one of the island's oldest settlement of small, weather-beaten houses.

Driving further south, you will reach the main settlement of New Bight. The settlement, the administrative center with small shops for groceries and supplies lies on the north end of large bay.

New Bight is also the starting point of the pilgrimage to The Hermitage on Mt. Alvernia, Bahamas highest elevation. The pilgrimage begins next to the commissioner's office at a dirt path that leads to the foot of Mt. Alvernia.

The Hermitage is the final resting place of Father Jerome who built churches throughout the Bahamas - two churches in Long island and the St. Augustine Monastery in Nassau. He retired on Cat island and lived his last years as a hermit.

His final act of religious dedication was to carve the steps up to the top of Mt. Alvernia. Along the way, he also carved the 12 Station of the Cross. At the summit, he build a child-size abbey with a small chapel, a bell tower and living quarters comprising three closet-sized rooms.

At the very southern part of the island is Port Howe, one of the oldest settlement on Cat Island. Nearby the ruins of Deveaux Manison can be visited. Once it was a grand house on a cotton plantation owned by a Captain of the British Navy.

Close to the entrance road is a 8 miles stretch of unblemished velvet-sand beach with great snorkeling on coral heads close to the beach.

Close to the small village of Devil's Point, also on the southern coast of the island, lies a pristine beach which is great for shelling. Nearby are the ruins of a old plantation.

The waters around Cat island offer some nice diving spots as well. The Cave has a big channel with several exits to deeper ocean. Sharks, barracudas and other tropical fish are frequently seen here.

Tartar Bank is an offshore site known for its abundant sea life. Vlady's Reef is near the Guana Cays. Coral heads have created canyons, chimneys and swim-through.

For more information about diving and snorkeling sites on Bimini visit the Bahamas Dive and Snorkeling site.

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