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Biminis in the Bahamas

Bimini, Bahamas
The Biminis, one of the smallest Out Islands in the Bahamas, are known since a long time as the Bahamas big game-fishing capital.

Bimini Island is divided into two islands, North Bimini and South Bimini. The majority of the population and the hotels is on North Bimini along King's and Queen's Highway. In the recent past, several new hotel development took place on this small Out island of the Bahamas; two of the major one was the Bimini Bay Resort and the brand new Conrad Resort and Casino.

If you look for fantastic beaches, look no further than to North Bimini's western side, along Queen's Highway, which is one long stretch of inviting white sand divided into three sections: Radio Beach, Blister Beach and Spook Hill.

Bimini is the nearest of the Bahamian Islands to the US mainland, just 50 miles east of Miami. The islands offer a number of good marinas for boats. So it is no wonder that many visitors come on weekends from Florida with their boats.

The Biminis can easily be reached by air from Ft Lauderdale with Gulfstream or Island Air Charters. Western Air and Bahamasair flies to Bimini from Nassau domestic airport.

The islands is also easy available from Florida ports by private boats or with the mailboat from Nassau.

Most of the hotels, restaurants and shops in the Biminis, Bahamas, are along North Bimini's King's and Queen's highways, which run parallel to each other. Most of the islands' 1600 inhabitants reside in North Bimini.

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South Bimini, separated from its big brother by a narrow ocean passage, is sparsely populated. In South Bimini is also the site called Fountain of Youth, which J. Ponce de Leon thought he found in the year 1513. The site is easy accessible through a round close to the island's little airstrip.

Bimini Beach, Bahamas
The popular writer Ernst Hemingway was a frequent visitor of Bimini from his home in Key West, Florida. He very much liked the game fishing in the waters around the islands.

Other notables lured to the island include Howard Hughes, Richard Nixon and Michael Lerner, an entrepreneur who was a great friend to the Biminis and established, among other things, the Lerner Marine Research laboratory, which conducted research on dolphins and sharks. The former Lerner home is now a restaurant at the Anchorage, the highest point of North Bimini.

Interesting Sights on Biminis

Diving in Bimini
Bimini's main community, Alice Town, is at North Bimini's southern end. It's neat and tidy, and painted in happy Caribbean pastels. In the town you also find the Bimini Native Straw and Craft Market, where you can shop Bahamian art and crafts as souvenirs.

Don't miss to visit the End of the World Saloon, where the back door is always open to the harbor. The place with the sandy floor is a good place to meet locals over a beer, lobster or conch pizza, while playing a game of ring toss.

A curious rock formation under about 20 feet of water, 500 yards offshore of Bimini Bay in North Bimini, is called Atlantis. It's purported to be "the lost city" Atlantis. Archaeologists estimate the rock formation to be between 5000 and 10000 years old. If it is really the lost city is not sure of course but it is anyway a good diving spot in Bimini.

Bimini, Marina

The Biminis offer excellent diving opportunities, particularly for watching marine life. Good diving spots are the Bimini Barge Wreck which lies west of South Bimini, Little Caverns with corals, small tunnels and swim-troughs and Rainbow Reef, a shallow spot with lots of fish.

For more information about diving and snorkeling sites on Bimini visit the Bahamas Dive and Snorkeling site.

Most of the island's residents live in Bailey Town which lies on King's Highway. This part of the island has changed dramatically due to new hotel and marina developments.

On the King's Highway is also The Bimini Museum, which showcases varied artifacts, old photos, a fishing log and rare fishing films from Ernst Hemingway.

If you plan a vacation on Bimini Island, look on the Bimini Island Hotels website for further information and booking possibilities.

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