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Berry Islands in the Bahamas

Berry Islands, Bahamas
The Berry Islands, one of the smallest Out Islands in the Bahamas, consist of two dozen small islands and about a hundred tiny cays. The islands stretch like a silver moon-curve north of Andros and Nassau.

The most known small islands of Berry Islands, Bahamas, are Chub Cay and Great Harbour Cay. This islands offer also some hotels and resorts.

The waters around this Out island chain are perfect for game fishing offshore as well as bonefishing. Berry Island is close to the Tongue of the Ocean, where big game fish roam. Remote flats south of Great Harbour, from Anderson Cay to Money Cay and around Chub Cay are excellent bonefish habitats. These places are also good for snorkeling.

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Berry Island, Bahamas
The islands can be reached by air with small aircrafts via Nassau or via Air Charter Bahamas flies to Great Harbour Cay and Chub Cay from South Florida. Mailboats go weekly from Nassau to Bullock Cay.

The Berry Islands are also a heaven for private yachtsmen and women. The islands offers a number of marinas in Great Harbour Cay or Chubb Cay.

The majority of the more than 700 inhabitants live in Bullocks Harbour on the island Great Harbour Cay. Most of the tiny islands are only inhabited by birds or are private islands owned by wealthy foreigners.

Great Stirrup Cay, at the northern tip of the islands chain, is a private island and a day trip stop over for cruise ships. Cruise ship passengers disembark onto the private cay for a pic-nick and a swim at the cays unspoiled beach.

Chub Cay, at the southernmost end of the chain, sits on the edge of the Great Bahama Bank and close to the Tongue of the Ocean. Here, you will find the semi-private and exclusive Chub Cay Club Resort and Marina.

The club is a popular celebrity hideaway because of its seclusion. The islands is a perfect place for big game fishing, bonefishing and snorkeling.

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