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Best Beaches in The Bahamas

Why should you travel to the Bahamas? One reason is the blue, clear and warm sea but another reason are the white, sandy beaches. And there are plenty of them in the Bahamas. This site serves you as a guide to the best beaches on the various islands.

The Bahamian beaches are blessed with white or even pink sands, some are small, crescent shaped and secluded and some are open and miles long. Everyone can find the beach that's right for you.

You find busy beaches around the major hotels which overs all kind of watersports activities as well as restaurants and cafes nearby. But you find also nice and secluded beaches where you can stay the whole day without sharing it with someone else.

The best beaches are on the family islands, far away from the major tourist crowd, on islands called Exuma, Eleuthera, Abaco or Long Island. If you want to share a fantastic beach with only a few people or even none, you are exactly right on one of these outer islands.

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Beaches in Nassau and Paradise Island

Paradise Island Cabbage Beach

The majority of the visitors make their vacation in Nassau and Paradise Island, a small island across the Nassau harbor which is linked to Nassau with two bridges.

There are excellent beaches on these two islands, too. You can get even away from the crowd, if you want to travel a bit outside the major tourist centers.

Definitely the best beach is Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island. A 3 miles long beach and the north side of the islands. The beach stretches from the Atlantis hotel in the west to Snorkeler's cove in the east and if you walk further at the east end you find some more smaller beaches.

Nassau Cable Beach
At the east end you can rent Jet Skis and unmotorized pedal boats, and go parasailing. At the east you find also the major hotels like the Atlantis or the Riu. If you walk further west, the beach gets less crowded.

The other major beach on the island New Providence is Cable Beach, about 3 miles west of downtown Nassau at the north shore. Resorts line much of this beautiful, broad swath of white sand, but there is also public access. Jet skiers and beach vendors abound, so do not expect quiet isolation.

Farther west is Caves Beach, about 7 miles from downtown before the turnoff on Blake road that leads to the airport. A nice beach directly on the street, the part after the turnoff is much nicer.

New Providence Flipper Beach
Love Beach, a snorkeler's favorite, is also on the north shore a further 2 miles west after Caves Beach. Access lies within the domain of Love Beach residents, but they are not inclined to shoo you away.

A very nice and quiet beach. Here you will find 40 acres of coral and forests of fern known as the Sea Gardens.

An insider tip are the beaches in the Clifton National Park at the extreme western tip of New Providence after Lyford Cay, an enclave for the super rich. It is easy accessible by car and if you want to walk a mile or so you find with Jaws Beach and Flipper Beach two secluded, sandy beaches where you can enjoy the warm waters almost for yourself.

Beaches in Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama Taino Beach
If your holiday destination is Grand Bahama, you have some great beaches for your choice. The island has some 60 miles of magnificent, pristine stretches of sand which extends between Freeport-Lucaya and McLean's Town in the island's eastern end.

There is Xanadu Beach, a mile long strip of white sand with a bar, a resort and watersport facilities. Taino Beach has powdery white sands which stretches long and wide with a restaurant and a popular Conch Shack.

The sandy solitude of William's Town, south of Freeport, is preferred by local residents, where seclusion is broken only by the occasional passing of horseback riders.

East of Port Lucaya, several delightful beaches run along the South Shore - Smith's Point, Churchill Beach, Fortune Beach, and lesser-known, very secluded and lovely Barbary Beach.

Farther east, at the end of the trail from the Lucayan National Park, you will find Gold Rock Beach. A second access road lies up the road a couple of miles and takes you past the filming location of pirates of the Caribbean.

Beaches in the Outer Islands of Bahamas

You can find the best beaches on the Outer or Family Islands. These are all the quiet and less populated islands with names like Abaco, Andros, Exuma, Eleuthera, Long Islands and many more smaller ones.

Treasure Cay Beach
One of the best beaches in the Bahamas can be found on Abaco at Treasure Cay which is not an island of its own but a large peninsula connected to Great Abaco by a narrow spit of land. It's 3.5 miles long beach of very fine white sand. A must see.

You find also several very nice, sandy and secluded beaches on the small islands of Elbow Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Great Guana Cay. The islands are a short ferry ride away from the main islands Great Abaco. These islands offer all kinds of accommodations and restaurants. They can be visited as a one day trip from Great Abaco or for an extended stay.

Sandals dining

Harbour Islands Beach
Harbour Island which is a small islands at the north coast of Eleuthera offers another spectacular beach in the Out islands. The 3 miles long powdery pink sand beach is one of the best, the Bahamas has to offer. Together with the picturesque small village of Dunmore Town, the islands is a perfect place for vacation.

Other good beaches in Eleuthera are Surfer's Beach, south of Gregory Town, a favorite surf break and beach which can be accessed by 4WD or a almost a mile walk.

Great Exuma Beach
Ten Bay Beaches at Savannah sound are also very pretty. A couple of miles south of Alice Town is Hidden Beach, a sandy little hideaway sheltered by a rock-formation canopy.

At the very south end is Lighthouse Beach which can be accessed by a one mile dirt road and is next to a lighthouse.

The Exumas with Great Exuma and the great many small cays and islands are a dream for the breach lovers.

On Great Exuma you can find several pretty beaches like Emerald Bay in the northern part of the islands or the Three Sister Beach just north of the airport.

On Little Exuma in the south you find Pretty Molly Bay or the beach north of Williams Town.

Exuma Beach
However, the best beach is on Stocking islands, a 4 miles long islands just a mile off the coast at Georgetown.

The island can be reached by ferry and has a gorgeous white beach rich in seashells, popular with surfers and plenty of good snorkeling sites.

There are a great many small and secluded beaches on the Exuma cays.

The most are only accessible by boat. With a boat you can find your own beach.

Exuma Cay Beach

There are plenty of fantastic beaches on the other smaller islands, too.

The tiny Berry Islands or Bimini Islands which are very close to the Florida coast, have some excellent beaches.

Cape Santa Maria Beach at the north end of Long Islands is one of the best in the Bahamas.

If you are looking for hotels, resorts or villas close to the fantastic beaches in the Bahamas, than visit the Bahamas Hotel website for more information. You can also directly book your hotel stay.

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