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Welcome to The Bahamas

Bahamas beach Discover the Islands for your dream vacation

Explore with us the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. You will find a lot of information about these 700 islands, tiny cays and nameless rocks.

You will learn through this travel guide about beautiful beaches and the clear, turquoise waters around the Islands, about famous and world class resorts, but also discover unknown and secluded hotels and villas.

We explore together Nassau, the bustling capital, and Paradise Island with the famous Atlantis hotel, Grand Bahama with the 2nd largest city Freeport. But discover also the various beauties of the Out Islands, like Abaco, Exumas, Eleuthera, Harbour Island, Long Island, Andros and many more widely unknown islands.

Join us to get to know about so much interesting things and activities to do during your vacation like playing golf, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, beach combing, fishing, sightseeing and so much more.

You are interested in learning about the Bahamian history, the culture, the weather and delicious food and drinks?

The website provides you with interesting facts which includes also information about economy and politics as well as the Bahamian fauna and flora.

You plan to go on a cruise to the Bahamas, then go to Bahamas cruises website.

Just click on one of the topics on these page and dive into the fascinating world of The Bahamas.

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Bahamas beautiful beaches

Beautiful beaches

You will be surprised how beautiful the beaches and the turquoise waters in the Bahamas are, especially in the out islands.

You can enjoy many beaches without any crowd like the one on the picture in Exuma.

Discover more about the beautiful beaches in the Bahamas with many pictures.


Atlantis Bahamas

Atlantis and other Hotels and Resort in the Bahamas

Atlantis is a bustling fantasy world, part water park, entertainment complex, megaresort, and beach oasis. The overriding theme is water- for swimming, snorkeling, and observing marine life in lagoons, caves, waterfalls, and several walkthrough aquariums..

Learn more about the different accommodation styles, about the water park Aquaventure, the casino, restaurants, activities and so much more on the Atlantis website.

If you prefer another hotel in Nassau or Paradise Island or on one of the other Bahamian islands search at the Bahamas hotels website.

You have a direct booking possibility at the cheapest rate of many hotels in the Bahamas.


Junkanoo: The Bahamian Event

Junkanoo is the cultural event in the Bahamas you should not miss.

A street carnival with beautiful coloured costumes, dance and rhythm.

The event takes place twice a year on Boxing day and New Year day but there are many "Junkanoo rush" events during the year which gives a taste of the real event.

Learn more about history, music, dance and costumes of the Bahamian Junkanoo. You will find also additional Junkanoo pictures.

Groupon Getaways
Bahamas Underwater World

Snorkeling and Diving: A real pleasure in the Bahamas

Diving and Snorkeling in the Bahamas is a real pleasure. The crystal clear water, the vast variety of fish, the coral reef, shipwrecks and blue holes make it a perfect place for scuba divers.

Diving is suitable for the beginners but also for the advanced and adventurous diver.

The shallow waters of the Bahamas around the islands are also perfect for snorkeling. Try it out...

Learn more about Diving and Snorkeling in the Bahamas.

Exuma Beaches

The Bahamian Islands: Bustling or quiet and relaxed

The Bahamian Islands have something to offer for every vacationer. Tourists who like bustling hotels with lot's of activities will enjoy the main islands Nassau and Grand Bahama with the 2nd largest city Freeport.

Tourists who likes a tranquil surrounding of small hotels or apartments and empty beaches will like Long Island, Exumas, Eleuthera, Harbour Island or one of other family islands.

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